I can’t believe another year has passed! This year has been such a crazy and extremely exciting year in terms of my personal and business life. 2009 was the first year that I actively pursued the growth and expansion of Suburbanite Photography as a brand, and I couldn’t be happier with the way things went! I feel that it’s such a blessing that I get to do what I love and call it work. This year has been yet another great learning opportunity and I’m excited to see how my work and business will grow and change over this next upcoming year! Here’s a list of what went down in 2009 with Suburbanite Photography:

-Launched suburbanitephotography.com: finally, my own real website! The hit count has been going up throughout the year…so exciting!

-Launched this WordPress-powered blog: I love my blog and love all the people who come stalk me on a regular basis to catch up on what I’m doing!

-Launched a senior portrait sector: I wanted to provide an alternative experience for high school seniors who don’t like feeling like another number. I began providing one-on-one sessions for senior this past spring and summer. Each session catered to the student’s personality and interests. This area will continue to expand next year for the 2010 senior season!

-Launched boudoir photography sector: This is perhaps my most exciting and fastest growing new venture. I love doing more fashion based photography and boudoir has given me a great outlet for doing that type of work.

-Began album design: in 2009 I began to offer a variety of albums suitable for everyone’s needs. My background in graphic design has been a great launching point for this type of work and I believe that albums are the best way to display your images!

-Shot 28 weddings: Somewhere with school and other photography work and what I can muster of a social life I shot 28 weddings! I have to say that each one was completely different and unique but they were all a blast.

As you can see it’s been a busy year! Now on the cusp of 2010 I have lots of goals for the upcoming year as well:

-Redo branding: I loved my logo design at the time, but with my increased knowledge and awareness of good graphic design, I am excited to completely redo my whole identity system! Be on the lookout for a new logo, new branding system and hopefully in the not so distant future new blog and website design!

-Separate website for boudoir: The boudoir area of my business is growing so much that I really want to dedicate a separate website to it. This will also eliminate the problem of people viewing boudoir pictures at work, school or in other inappropriate places. In the future you will be able to visit my official website and blog which will only contain wedding and portrait work and a different independent site will contain the boudoir stuff!

-More more more!: There are so many more exciting things I have planned for the future. I thank each of you for your continued supports in my efforts to live out my dreams. I hope that you all achieved everything you hoped for this year and will do even more in 2010! Happy New Year everyone!