Hi everyone! Just wanted to stop by for a quick update! First of all I want to thank the many people who have volunteered to model for the Reclaimed project. The response has been overwhelming, and I’m so blown away by the response. That being said, keep them coming! If you are reading this and you still want to help, I have plenty of spots still open. I’ve been working on getting my equipment ready and making plans, but I will be contacting each of you to find out scheduling information, etc. I feel more motivated and excited than ever to get this going! I am also very excited because this weekend I will be attending Making Things Happen, an inspiration seminar put on by Lara Casey of Southern Weddings Magazine. I have heard that these workshops are personally challenging, but I’m ready to take that step forward and really challenge myself! I hope that for each and every one of you reading this 2011 is your year. I plan on keeping you updated of the progress of The Reclaimed Project as well as Suburbanite Photography as we grow and change. This is my way of feeling accountable. Do you have a goal in mind for 2011? Need someone to keep you accountable? I’m all ears, just leave a comment! I hope everyone can dig themselves out of the snow and get moving, THIS IS YOUR TIME!