This weekend was awesome, and even though I’ve got a pile of work on my desk I’m going to blog about it now! Fall is definitely my favorite season, the food is delish the weather is great and the colors are lovely. This weekend Jordan came up for my Pi Phi formal and we had a most lovely weekend filled with soup, pumpkin carving and as always copious photos to capture it all.

Friday afternoon we visited one of the pumpkin patches here in Athens. I haven’t carved a pumpkin since I went off to college so I was very excited about it. I really get into the whole carving thing.


Then we headed home to start carving. One of my favorite movies is Donnie Darko, so I chose to do Frank the bunny on my pumpkin. Jordan chose a less scary approach and went with The Count from Sesame Street.


My least favorite part of the process.


Finally after a little carving action we got the final product. I won’t update you on how Frank looks today, let’s just say all those thin cuts decompose much faster than thicker ones : )


Then it was time to get ready for the formal. Those who know me know that I love vintage stuff particularly that pertaining the the 1940’s and 50’s. If I could go back and live in that time I’d endure all the girdles and nylons with a smile, yes I love it that much. I have always wanted to wear a pillbox hat with a veil, but never had an occasion I thought would be appropriate. When my plans to wear a Betsey Johnson fell through, I ran out to the BCBG outlet and picked up my dress last minute. It reminded me so much of this mid century era I love so much that I decided to go for it and get a vintage hat to wear with it. Let’s just say that after this weekend I plan on purchasing more similar items and, appropiate occasion or not, wearing them.

I purchased my hat from Art Deco Dame on etsy, she has such awesome stuff and her shipping was seriously lightning fast.


My earrings, which unfortunately were hard to see because I decided to leave my hair down were handmade of twisted ribbon. Such a simple idea but very cute! Made by Luniac Style I will definitely be wearing these again, hair up this time!

fall10My dress and shoes were from BCBG, unfortunately I can’t say that the shoes were very comfortable at all, I actually had bruises from them. Usually we are really rushed getting ready, but this time was so nice because we had plenty of time to do everything. I was also fortunate enough to have my room mate and bff around to snag some pictures of us before we left. I shall share a few with you.


Video light, my light of choice these days

fall13fall18Ok, I’m officially done gushing about my awesome weekend. I feel like the neighbors who make you sit through all their vacation photos. Hope everyone else is having a great weekend!