I told you I had lots of catching up and sharing to do, so today we continue with the photo goodness with Greg and Alyson’s engagement shoot. I always offer to shoot in the mornings, but no one ever takes me up on the opportunity! Greg and Alyson were up for the challenge. They braved the cold temperatures and the early morning to hang out with me. They are such a gorgeous couple that they made my job super easy. Exhibit A: This is the first shot we got:

It’s a pretty rare¬†occurrence¬†to have a first shot that’s even usable let alone this awesome. Greg and I go way back to the frigid waters of Swim Atlanta on the Roswell High swim team. There we bonded over lethal inhalation of chlorine, unflatteringly thin swimsuits and a love of photography. It’s so cool to say that I have friends like Greg with whom I’ve kept in close contact throughout the years. We leaned on each other for support during the awkwardness that is college and it’s so awesome to see what we’re making of ourselves today! I’m so glad Greg has found a kindred spirit in Alyson, and their chemistry is obvious as you’ll see from these images from our shoot:

Greg and Alyson are tying the knot at the oh-s0-funky and fabulous Paris on Ponce in 2014, Can’t wait to party down with you guys!

Three Things I’m Loving Today

  1. Fall colors. So delcious. Seriously. Check out that leaf bokeh in the photos above. Om nom nom.
  2. Childhood friends. I’ve always found that fall is a season for reminiscing and looking back on old memories, so it’s fitting that I got to hang with with Greg and Alyson recently. Here’s Greg(s) and I cerca 2006 photo geekin out
  3. My new bling. Seriously, this thing is sparkly and distracting during daily activities. I promise I’ll show and tell soon. In the meantime let’s hope it doesn’t cause me any major car accidents or paper cuts.