It’s a known fact that when you go on a trip with me you will inevitably end up getting your portrait taken at some point along the way. Melissa and I have known each other for a few years, braving the tough road toward a BFA in graphic design together. We roomed together in Italy and thus have seen a very special piece of the world together. Given our academic relationship, we’ve also seen each other through a lot of highs and probably even more lows lol. Melissa introduced me to her friend Mallory and hooked me up with a sweet gig shooting Mallory’s wedding at the Savannah Yacht Club (I’ll have pics from that in a few weeks. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty awesome). Melissa and I decided to drive down together and amidst all the stress of getting ready for the wedding, I almost forgot that Melissa and I were going to the beach over the weekend. But Melissa was quick to remind me and told me that if I was going to make the effort to get down to the coast we were going to see it! I am very thankful to Melissa not only for introducing me to her amazing friends and affording me the opportunity to shoot a fabulous wedding in a really awesome location, but also for helping facilitate a relaxing weekend away during what has been an absolutely bananas summer wedding season. Even though Melissa is arguably not the world’s biggest fan of the beach, she agreed to let me take some pics of her there before we went and stuffed our faces with friend seafood on Friday night. Here is what we got:


The last time we were on the beach it was a little different; we were Capri. Gelato, peaches, tiny pebbles and ogglers...hehe


Three Things I’m Loving Today

  1. This Ted Talk on the Surprising Science of Happiness by Dan Gilbert. Science apparently suggests you can fool yourself to being happy. Some really interesting nerdy kid stuff in this video.
  2.  Bling Pug Guided by Seeing Eye Pug? OMG thank you Lane for this. Also, Facebook thinks I have a pug. I am now receiving ads on the site for things to “spoil my pug” with. Too bad I don’t have one…yet.
  3. Morning walks on the beach. But then again who doesn’t love that? Took this shot on one of my morning walks last weekend. Can I please live at the beach now already?