I’m so excited that senior portrait season is here! It’s going to be a hot hot summer, but I’m looking forward to working with some awesome students this year! I’ve got Caroline’s session for you today. Caroline and Ashitha (click to see some pics from her session) are friends and will be in charge of the Roswell High Yearbook next year! Can’t wait to see all the awesome ideas these creative duos have in store! Here’s a few shots from Caroline’s senior session.

Interested in booking your own senior session? Space is limited so “contact” above to get more info today!

Three Things I’m Loving Today

  1. Watch What Happens Live. It’s such a random and funny show. Last week, Andy Cohen + John Mayer + Dan Rather = Perfection. You can find me staying up way past my recommended bed time five nights a week for this gem.
  2. The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. I’m currently reading this book and love it.
  3. My mouse. In a weird chain of events my computer mouse was “borrowed” aka: stolen a few weeks ago. I’ve been absolutely DISTRAUGHT without it. Believe me, Apple, I love my trackpad as much as the next MBP owner, but I don’t know how I got through five years of design school only casually using a mouse.