Did you guys miss me? I know it’s been quite the hiatus, and I’ve got lots to share. I’ve missed you guys! Well I’ve been away from the blogosphere lately as a result of many different factors which we’ll explore further later. In summary, it’s been a super crazy past few months. But today, I have Caroline’s senior pictures to share with you. This is my second Caroline this year, and like all my seniors, she made my job super easy! Check out some pictures from her shoot:


Three Things I’m Loving Today

  1. My new giant iMac! 27 inch screen, baby! So if you do a shoot with me now, you can rest assured I will see every single pore of your skin in stunning detail! : )
  2. PugFest 2012. As you all know I am a pug lover, so last weekend I attended PugFest here in Atlanta. It did not disappoint, and if you’re looking for an afternoon of laughter ¬†at some often “less than perfect” looking dogs’ expense, you absolutely must attend.
  3. My new shiny bling! Very shiny and distracting. Yep folks, it’s my turn to be the bride! More on this later.