Once again sorry for my absence from the world of blogging. For those of you who don’t know I’m also a student in Graphic Design, so this (see above, over 200 personal business card designs for a project) so I’ve been a bit preoccupied. But this weekend is the Atlanta boudoir marathon and I am beyond excited! We are going to have such a great time and some of the girls have agreed to let me show off their images, so you’ll get a taste of it! For all of you Tennesseans, don’t forget about the Nashville boudoir marathon next month, spots are filling up quickly!

I have many other exciting images to share with you once this project blows over, but for now I thought I’d take a moment to write a little more of a personal post. There’s been a lot of talk recently in the photography world about what drives you to do what you do and the importance of feeling 100% personally as well as professionally behind what you’re doing. Even wedding and portrait photography is often considered commerical, to me it is still art and in that sense it’s important to remind myself what my goals are and why I do what I do.

Three years ago when I began college I did so with one goal in mind: graduate? no. make good grades? no, though that probably should have been it. Get my Mrs. degree? Nah, though I’m not 100% opposed (j/k)

While I had a variety of goals entering college like getting good grades, making new friends, growing my business (a process which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly and have loved watching things grow and change over time) one of my primary personal goals was to produce a body of personal photography and get it into a gallery show. I love shooting weddings, portraits and boudoir, but equally so I like producing fine art coneptual photography. I love being able to use photography to send a message, to tell a story and to make a statement. College has brought a variety of ups and downs and drastic changes, and somewhere in the shuffle I lost sight of this goal I so desperately wanted to achieve in the beginning.

In 2006 I was offered a show by a small gallery in Knoxville at the time I didn’t have any work that I thought would be “gallery worthy”. The gallery has since closed and I still don’t have any gallery-worthy work.

I think it’s high time I made good on the promise I made to myself and at least give this personal project a fair shot. So I am calling for models to shoot with me. I need males and females, and no you do not have to look like a model to participate. I’m looking for people of all types, and no it’s not weird if we’ve never talked before and you are interested, I’d love to hear from all of you! If you’d like a chance to particpate in the making of art (and it is a pretty fun experience, I have to say) please leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’ll be shooting starting in January until…?

I’m so excited to finally start this project, now all I need is you!