Top left: Me & Paula, The Lady & Sons, Savannah, Georgia

Top Right: Pesto Eggs Hollandaise on Crossant, Goosefeathers Cafe,  Savannah, Georgia

Bottom Left: Assortment of small plates, Sound Table, Atlanta, Georgia

Bottom Right: Pistachio Truffle Shake, Flip Burger, Atlanta, Georgia


One look at my bank statement as of late and I realized I’ve been spending a lot on eating out at restaurants. October was a very crazy month for me. It’s been so exciting to see my business grow so much so quickly, and I can only hope that this trend will continue, but October sure was an exhausting month. So on the flip side of that crazy time, I have found myself reconnecting with friends over dinners out. Brunch with friends over a girl’s weekend in Savannah, cocktails in the city with my friends from school, a Persian feast with this guy (someone get this dude on Ellen before he hurts himself), and a fancy boutique burger with photog friends, boyfriend and every friend because it’s so delish no one ever wants to go anywhere else. And while my bank account and ideal diet may be suffering as a result, all these meals have reminded me of the importance of the human connection. One of the things I love about what I do is it allows me to build relationships with my clients that often reach beyond just the time we spend shooting together. I realize that the work we do together creates a lasting bond, and that is so exciting to me. Unfortunately, so much of my time as a photographer (far more than the time I actually spend behind the camera) is spent behind the computer doing post production, accounting and trying to navigate the world of social media. Lost in all the doldrums of technology, I often forget how important it is to me to keep up those connections. I’m thankful to have people are willing to take time out of their busy lives to grab a bite to eat with me and share a bit of their lives over a meal.

As I think about 2011 drawing to a close, with my last wedding for the year in sight and most of my other sessions completed, it’s time to reflect on this year and think about where I went and where I’d like to go. I am shifting my focus and honing in on what I really want for myself as well as my business. It’s a bit scary and a lot exciting, but I know that if I follow the direction my heart’s tugging me, things will fall into place exactly as they should. Stay tuned for more of my adventures, revelations and photographic adventures, I assure you, you ain’t seen nothin yet!