Hello my friends! I’m still in the midst of the busy busy wedding season. It’s been great so far, filled with lots of beautiful weddings and lots of school teachers! Tis the season for all the teachers to get married and take a much needed vacay honeymoon! Today I have Erin and Dan’s wedding at Kimball Hall to share with you. The day was filled with emotion and I think we captured some great candid moments of ¬†laugher, tears and mad funky dance moves that took place throughout the day. Check out some highlights:

Julie got this awesome new furniture for Kimball Hall, how appropriate!

Erin's dad seeing her for the first time all dressed up!

Meanwhile, in the guys' room, someone was stealing the groom's thunder!

Family being candid : )

Erin looked so gorgeous, just couldn't stop shooting!

Dan wasn't looking so bad himself

It never gets easier watching people get emotional! Good thing I've got a camera on my face to hide my watery eyes

Love Erin's face in this one

Thanks so much to Erin and Dan and your families for having us out to your special day, it was awesome! To see the rest of Erin and Dan’s wedding click here!

Three Things I’m Loving Today:

  1. This Article on Buzzfeed: 27 Indisputable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True. It really is very very true! So funny. Everyone pay SPECIAL attention to the last point in particular.
  2. Home made pizza. I’m all about it right now. This weekend I gave a new combo a try: mozzarella, carmelized onion, spicy pepperoni and peaches. Molto bene.
  3. The ocean. And I get to see it tomorrow because I’m going to the beach! Okay, so I’m shooting a wedding in Savannah and I’ll get to spend a few hours tomorrow in the sand before it’s down to business on Saturday, but I will take what I can get my friends! That being said, I’ll be out of the office for the next few days traveling and working on wedding stuff. Catch you on the flip side!