Many have asked, so I thought I’d divulge my engagement story. (Insert girly fits of giggles here) For those who don’t know Jordan. we’ve known each other since the 6th grade, and always remained friends. We began dating, as most Milleanials do, ¬†after a series of long late night AIM conversations during our freshman year of college when I was away at school in Tennessee and Jordan was attending school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Until May of last year, our entire relationship was long distance, surviving on phone calls and the bits and pieces we could gather from each other on weekends, road trips and anxiously-awaited summers. With school, friends and career always a priority, it’s safe to say we’ve always been on slightly different pages. Even after I moved back to Atlanta, full schedules and varied living situations meant only seeing each other a few times a week and sometimes not at all.

In celebration of some personal changes I’d made, and just because, Jordan and I decided to take a vacation in October to the west coast. We’d fly into Portland, Oregon and slowly make our way down the 101 over an 11-day period ending up in San Francisco. A series of events and circumstances lead to an extremely stressful few weeks leading up to the trip, so by the time October 3rd came around I was more than excited (though in a slight stupor) to head west. For the first time in forever I turned email off on my phone, left my laptop at home, unplugged and enjoyed, like really enjoyed. No real itinerary other than a stopping point each night, and taking the advice of strangers to help us route our path.

Night three was spent in Parkdale Oregon at the amazing Old Parkdale Inn. On the drive to the inn we encountered apple groves with Mount Hood looming in the background, red barns and fields bathed in golden autumn light…stunning. The next morning we had a fabulous breakfast at the inn and took the innkeeper’s advice to set out toward Timothy Lake. She claimed it was always way too crowded, but worth the stop nonetheless. When we got there, we did in fact encounter a beautiful Oregon Lake with the evergreen trees and canoe-ready atmosphere you’d expect, but with no people at all. And after tromping around to get all the pictures I wanted, Jordan stalled looking at the nice view of the mountain. It was then that he got down on one knee and proposed. It was windy, freezing and my hair was a disaster and it was perfect. The years of struggling to be together apart brought us to this place on the bank of a lake in the middle of Oregon, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I am so appreciative to my parents, friends and others who have provided support and guidance along the road of our relationship, and I am beyond excited to walk hand in hand with my best friend, no longer together apart, but together together.


Check out a slideshow of our trip here: