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Honesty moment, this past week has kind of sucked! I have been in a total funk.

When I started freelancing three months ago, it was the beginning of a packed summer full of weddings, trips and lots of work prospects. I didn’t really know where I was going or what I was doing, but I just dove in.

I haven’t come up for air since.

I was right, this summer was totally packed, and for someone who loves to work like I do, it was awesome. But now, the initial rush is closing out. I’ve still got plenty to do, but things aren’t quite as intense as they were, and for someone who loves to work like I do, I have no idea what to do with that. As an entrepreneur, part of my job is to be constantly looking ahead, asking, “What’s next?”

But right now, I don’t get the luxury of knowing what’s next, and that is not only terrifying, it’s really freaking annoying.

I spent the end of last month attending Anne Almasy’s Stategy Sessions Workshop and Gather Athens, hosted by the lovely ladies at Canvas Studio in Athens. I was hoping that some time listening to inspirational and informative speakers would help me gather up a plan, find some clarity, and kick my butt a little bit. However, though both workshops were awesome (I highly recommend attending either, or both, to any creative entrepreneurs who enjoy the workshop thang) no magic answers fell out of the sky while I listened to the speakers recount their stories and tidbits of business wisdom. I had blocked off the last half of the month to finding clarity, to making a plan, I had scheduled out when I wanted to answers to come.

And that, my friends, is a really dumb ass way to expect your life, your career, your creative endeavors, etc. to come to fruition.

The word I really need to meditate on today is     p    a    t     i     e     n     c    e.

Patience is not a very fun thing to practice when you already feel like you’re in a total rut. What do you do to bring yourself back down to earth?

I’m currently wearing what I slept in, ergo breaking my number one rule of working from home (it’s terrible sweatpants and a SMITE shirt in case you’re one of those voyeuristic types), but I decided that I really really needed to turn today around. So on goes the Mood Booster Spotify station, and out comes my archive of favorite images.

Because who doesn’t want to look at something pretty when they’re in a salty mood?

I don’t want to to sound conceited, but these are some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.

Like, ever. 

I can’t believe I’ve allowed them to sit on my computer untouched and unloved for so long. I even had a nightmare recently that I lost the files.

Thankfully, that’s not the case, and I can share with you the story of how Christian and I met very early in the morning back in April while I was visiting Columbus, Georgia for the Creative South Conference and tromped through the woods to produce these photographs.

I’ve always admired Christian for many reasons. Most recently for chopping off all her hair. I’ve always loved girls in short hair cuts, but I know if I gave this a go, I’d end up more Ronald McDonald than Emma Watson. So I’ll just admire it on people like Christian.

But Christian is much more than the sum of her hairdo, she’s also super smart, an enviable runner, and woman of immense faith with a delightfully graceful (and perhaps slightly mysterious?) quiet disposition. It was an honor to photograph such a lovely girl. The morning light and Christian’s quiet grace remind me that every day is a new day, and with patience and preparation comes the good stuff.

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