I have yet another fabulous summer wedding to share with you today! You may recognize Hillary and Alexi from their engagement session posted earlier this year. I was excited to spend more time with the two of them because they are such a funny and sweet couple, and are obviously very very in love! When the big day came, Hillary was all smiles and so so relaxed! Even after  her whole back got eaten by mosquitoes or  some other mystery insect during her bridal party pictures, she was still grinning ear to ear! The smiling continued throughout the ceremony as Hillary giggled her way through her vows. Then we were off to the Devore House in Alpharetta for the reception. At the end of the night the two were whisked away in Hillary’s brother-in-law’s awesome classic car! Thanks Hillary and Alexi for sharing your big day with me!

Hillary and the bridesmaids played Catch Phrase while waiting for the ceremony to start. I believe the word at this point had something to do with a photographer!

See the rest of Hillary and Alexi’s wedding here! 

Three Things I’m Loving Today

  1. THE OLYMPICS. I mean, is it okay if I just barricade myself in my house for the next few weeks and glue myself to the TV? Perhaps all this athleticism will inspire me to to go to the gym (unlikely)
  2. JCrew bathing suits. So classic and cute, loving all the retro cuts of these. Now, I just need to get myself to the beach!
  3. Since I’ve already talked about being glued to the TV, how about that TV show Girls? So so good. Lena Dunham is hilarious. So much more relatable than SATC. If you don’t have HBO, find a friend who does when season two comes out!