Unfortunately sometimes May flowers come with a lot of April showers, and on their wedding day, Marissa and Andrew experienced a heavy dose of rain. As a photographer, not at least having the option of going outside is always a worst-case scenario, but as I internally freaked out over the current forecast, I kept thinking back to my initial meetings with Andrew and Marissa. They told me they really really wanted lots of pictures of everyone having fun throughout the day. Rain or shine, two things were certain: these two cuties were getting married, and everyone was going to have a┬áblast. So even though I couldn’t control the ever-growing clouds in the sky, I could shoot the day for what it was: a big celebration.

It was clear from the start that everyone involved in this wedding was really excited for Marissa and Andrew, and this effervescent energy carried over into one of the most jubilant receptions I’ve ever witnessed. From the awesome music by the Living Large Band, to Marissa and Andrew’s choreographed first dance to Michael Jackson, to the signature Pancake dance (you have to see it in person to fully appreciate it) the night was filled with celebration of two people who clearly have a very fun and exciting life ahead of them. Weather: rainy Disposition: super sunny : )

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