Well hello loyal readers! You’ll notice there are a few changes around here! A HUGE thank you to Adam Scott of Adam Scott Creative for working his magic and helping me make this new site a reality! I wanted to simplify, streamline and get back to the basics with a new user-friendly interface that made everything easy to find and pleasing on the eyes and Adam was an absolute joy to work with in making this happen! I hope you all enjoy poking around my new digs on the web, and to celebrate I’ve got lots of new posts over the next week to share with you! To start the party off right, I’ve got Mary and Blair’s wedding! Mary is the sister of my “little sister” Laura from my sorority days at UGA, and even though we hadn’t spent a lot of time together, I think we both felt like we already knew each other very well because of Laura! I shot their engagement session back in the fall and got to spend time with Mary and Blair together and their positive energy was so infectious! Blair is absolutely hilarious and a sweetheart and Mary is too! It was apparent that these two were a perfect match and I couldn’t wait to be a part of their special day! Though clouds loomed and allergies abounded, the wedding day went off without a hitch and the ceremony and reception were classically beautiful. Surrounded my lots of family and friends Mary and Blair said their vows at  Oak Grove United Methodist Church in Decatur and celebrated with a live band, food and dancing at the Ansley Golf Club after. Mary created lots of special personal touches throughout the day, and everything was beautiful! Thank you Mary and Blair for having me, and for my lovely assistant Dana for providing some fabulous shots and a few giggles along the way. Check out some of our shots from the big day!

Mary got ready at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead and relaxed with a her cousin, mom and sister

The girls in Mary's family all wore read nail polish in honor of their late grandmother who adored Revlon Red lipstick

Meanwhile, the guys were at the church getting ready, and maybe singing

The primping continued even after our photo session began

And then they decided to play a quick game of football

And finally, it was time to get serious and show their stuff

Mary had been keeping a diary for Blair ever since the day they got engaged. Laura presented this to him before the wedding and he was super surprised!

The sisters and their matching bracelets

Couldn't get enough pics of this gorgeous bride

Dana snagged this cool shot of the couple exiting after the ceremony

Their cake was so beautiful!

First dance! And Blair's singing again

The Wofford alum.. there were quite a few of them!

A dangerous, yet beautiful exit!

 Three Things I’m Loving Today

  1. Adam Scott Creative for helping me make the website that’s been in my head for years a true reality.
  2. Mary’s wedding dress. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a Priscilla of Boston dress with the design name “Sophie” everyone walked around all day talking about Sophie like she was a person. She was heavy, and poofy, but she had pockets and was stunning as you can see. What makes me kinda sad? Priscilla of Boston has closed their doors after 65 years in the bridal dress biz. They spray painted all the unsold dresses to prevent people from wearing or reselling them on the black market. This is a fashion travesty.
  3. Summer. Yay, I can finally thaw out!

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