I’m writing to you from Phoenix, and if you had told me a month ago I’d be writing to you from Phoenix, I would have said you were crazy. 2015 has been a year of ups and downs and crazy changes of plans and new plans, and “scratch that” plans. And though the chaos has been jarring and scary and overwhelming (to say the very least) at times, as I was finally able to step back and take some time aside this week in the desert, I was filled with gratitude for all my wonderful clients, family, friends, and husband who continue to make this nerve-wracking, adventurous, soul-shaking life possible. [Scroll to continue reading]


I begin chatting with Ashlyn via email about two months ago. She was planning a September wedding, so she had about six months to get everything together, a totally doable wedding planning timeline by most standards. A few days later she emailed me that her fiance was being stationed in Seattle. They had to move in May. They had to get married in May. Suddenly her timeline didn’t seem so gracious.  Ashlyn does have one big thing going for her when it comes to wedding planning: her parents run Founders Hall in Roswell, and fortunately they had a Friday open in May, in the height of wedding season. And just like that, the wedding was moved up four months.


When I asked Ashlyn how the planning was going now that everything had been bumped up so abruptly, she said that everything was falling into place perfectly. Sure, it had been stressful getting organized and moving under such pressure, but ultimately this wedding was happening, and it was going to be great.


Ashlyn’s story reminds me that when we follow our hearts, trust in a greater plan for our lives, and live according to that kind of philosophy rather than sweating small details, worrying about the future, or being afraid of tomorrow, things will be okay. They may not always fall into place so nicely. In fact, the end product may not even look like a sliver of what we had concocted in our minds, but isn’t a divine mess better than a sterile, mundane existence anyway?


Perhaps the desert air is drumming up too many esoteric babblings, but I’m so grateful that I get to do work where my clients can provide just as much good for me as I can for them. I’m seriously not worthy. To all my clients past, present, and future, you are teaching me and helping me more than you know. Your lives and your stories are filled to the brim with more wisdom than I could ever learn from a book. I’m just lucky enough to be there to seek it out and document it so we may all never forget it. archer_engagement244 archer_engagement266 archer_engagement282

Special thanks to Ashlyn and Parker for allowing me to be a part of your wedding story. Only a few more weeks to go : )