In the world of weddings, there really are all kinds of brides. You have your nervous nellies who pace and break out into hives moments before that walk down the aisle. You have the chill bride who could care less that it’s pouring and her dress is muddy and it’s humid as all get out outside. And unfortunately, you do have that occasional bridezilla (I’m lucky enough to have awesome clients who are NOT like this at all) who makes sure everyone know this day is all about her.

Then you have my favorite kind of bride: the all-day-long-grinning-ear-to-ear bride. The girl who is just so darn excited she can’t get rid of the giggles and the huge smile on her face. Weddings are stressful. There’s a lot going on, a lot of players on the board, a lot of emotions running high, but when you strip down all the layers of vendors and music and decor and family drama, you’re left with what it’s really all about: the marriage. I know that the all-day-long-grinning-ear-to-ear bride is super in tune with the true meaning behind the day, because when you can see past all the fluff and the hurdles, weddings, and marriage, are enormously exciting, and a lot of fun.

Jill is one of my all-day-long-grinning-ear-to-ear brides, and it was so so fun to be able to harness the anticipation, excitement and unbridled joy that she was feeling into these photographs. Ryan may not have worn it on his face quite as much, but I have a feeling he was equally jazzed about getting to marry this fine lady. Thank you Ryan and Jill for allowing me to be a part of your big day!

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