Our second to last stop on the trip was Santorini, Greece. My parents had been there before and I knew from their previous photos that it was probably going to be my favorite stop. For those of you who have seen Mama Mia or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it really does look like it does in the movies. I’m pretty sure between the amazing authentic Greek food and the beautiful scenery I could have spent the entire week there no problem. Soo here they are!

sant_aMy traveling buddy aka my dad…on the tender boat getting onto the island.

santa8santbsanta9sant1sant4santa14santa5The view from the top of the cliff. All the houses are built up on the side of a cliff and you can just wander down all the paths between them. I’m sure it’s really annoying to people who live there having tourists on their porches all the time!

santa13This man is supposedly the most photographed man in Santorini. I didn’t know that until after I took this picture, but I thought he looked kind of familiar! He apparently just sits in this spot all day and gets paid by tourists for photos, nice gig!

santa10This gate was in front of a school yard, some of the kids were outside playing for recess, I’d be fine with going to school in a place like this!

santa18There were lazy dogs everywhere! Naturally I had to take a picture of every one I saw.

santa7santa6santa16At the second city on the island that we visited there was this one particular building that I found very fascinating. It was completely white and in addition to absolutely every part of it being white there were white linens hanging out to dry on the porch, so cool!

santa12santa15santa11Where’s Waldo?

santa17sant2Ok, so who’s going back with me?  I’m ready!