So I have been so busy shooting and editing lately that these pictures have kind of fallen by the wayside…no more! If you are a regular reader you already  know that Jordan and I took a trip to Seattle earlier this month, and if you’re not, now you do! Here are some of the images from our first day in Seattle.seattle1Seattle is comprised of lots of different neighborhoods each with distinctive characterstics from the others. We spent a good bit of time wandering around a few different ones, but the first day we walked around the famous Pike Place Market and exploring the waterfront area of downtown Seattle.

seattle2A really cool spot was the Seattle Sculpture Park, a portion tax money in Seattle goes towards public art and it’s very evident throughout the city. I loved all the red chairs scattered about.

seattle4seattle6You can walk along the water through all the different piers, this particular building was an office building, I wouldn’t mind working with that kind of view!

seattle5Then we headed over to Pike Place Market. There is so much to see there, and so much great food to sample. The produce looked so fresh and colorful. We went back several different times so you may see more from here!

seattle7seattle13seattle8seattle12seattle10This tea shop was awesome, they had so many amazing and unique teas and Tim the owner let us taste many of the varieties, all of which were delicious!