Why hello there!

I have been informed this week that the readers are unsatisfied with the lack of material on this blog lately. I apologize! I’ve been so busy redoing my branding and designing albums  I’ve had no time to blog. But there are so many exciting things that I’m going to be starting which I will announce soon so it’s such an exciting time right now! Oh, and amongst all this I also spent nine days in Europe! I thought I might share a few of my favorite images from the trip!

Most of my friends are graduating next month and we knew we needed to do something epic for their last official spring break, so we did something crazy and set off for Europe! After getting lots of great suggestions from my European friends over at the DWF we settled on flying into Munich (mostly because it is relatively inexpensive), spending one night there, spending the next night in Salzburg, Austria (location of filming for The Sound of Music!), then spending three nights in Vienna, Austria, finishing up with two nights in Prague, Czech Republic and taking a train back to Munich for one more night next to the airport so we could catch our early morning flight! It certainly was a whirlwind, but definitely doable and definitely a trip that I would recommend. We got to see so much beautiful architecture and scenery. My only suggestion? Don’t go in early March…I think I’m still thawing out.

First stop Munich! We fought off the jet lag and toured Dachau Concentration Camp, one of the largest during the Holocaust.

We awoke to this surprise this morning, we weren’t aware that snow was even in the forecast! We set off for Salzburg in the morning and continued to trudge through the snow throughout the whole day!

We awoke the next morning and had to hike to the bus stop to get to our next location: Vienna. The hike was well worth the scenic views of the foot hills of the Alps!

The view from our hotel window!

Next we moved onto Vienna!

We also visited the State Opera House and saw a ballet. I’m not really sure what the storyline of the ballet was, but it was fun to watch anyway!

Next we were on our way to Prague! It was slightly warmer there, and EVERYONE spoke English! Additionally, they are not on the Euro so we instantly got richer (sort of)! Considering all these factors and the overall wonderfulness that is Prague it was overwhelmingly my favorite city on the trip!

The Jewish Cemetery in Prague was astounding. It was the only place in Prague where Jews could be buried for hundreds of years so it is completely saturated with graves.

There are so many more pictures and stories to share, but that’s gotta be all for today. We had such a fabulous trip, but now it’s time to get back to work because the good weather looks like it’s here to stay!