I met with Taylor and Bruce a while back and really enjoyed getting to know them and being a part of their wedding day, by the end of the afternoon I felt like one of the family! The day was action-packed and was one of the quickest days I can recall! Here are some images from the day!

weeks13Unfortunately the girls were getting ready in the club’s locker room, and where no photography is allowed! So while they were finishing up I grabbed the guys for some quick shots in the lobby. Let me introduce you to the groom, Bruce.

weeks11And the lovely bride Taylor!

weeks12The back of Taylor’s dress was absolutely stunning, we only had a few minutes for pictures before the ceremony so when I saw the light streaming through a nearby window I knew it would be the perfect place to capture this detail. After this the girls and I headed downstairs to our hiding spot before the ceremony. Unfortunately the hiding spot was a very hot staircase. We were able to get moved to another location to wait and since we had more time to sit and wait than we originally thought we decided to continue the photoshoot there!

In the bathroom haha!

weeks10I love the bathroom pics and it was awesome that the bridesmaids and Taylor were such great sports about shooting in such an, ahem, unconventional location! As you can see these girls really know how to work their stalls!

weeks8And finally onto the ceremony in the lobby of the club, it had a great view of the Atlanta skyline, unfortunately that lovely Georgia summer haze made it pretty difficult to see!

weeks7The lovely bridal party

weeks5And finally the husband and wife together!

weeks6I thought they looked like they were being teleported off somewhere

weeks4The toss…

weeks2And the catch, well kinda…

weeks3weeks1Thanks Taylor and Bruce for a great day!

I’ll have pics from the Seattle trip up soon, and thanks again to everyone who has been visiting and supporting the new site it means a lot!