The second day in Venice I was still feeling the jet lag for sure, but we started the day nice an early with a private tour by water taxi of Venice and the surrounding Islands. The first place we went was Murano, where much of the Venetian Glass is made. We got to visit a glass studio and watch them work which was really interesting, unfortunately there were no pictures allowed in the gallery, but their work was beautiful!

venice31Some views from the water taxi.

venice71venice21We arrived in Saint Mark’s Square, or Piazza San Marco and took a tour of Doge’s Palace. There was a lot of interesting architecture to see and even though I was too busy snapping pics to really pay attention to te tour, it was really interesting!

venice51venice11There were no pictures allowed inside of the palace, but there were lots of beautiful reproductions of the frescos that once lined all the walls and ceilings. This one of the golden staircase is one of the last ones I snapped before getting yelled at by our tour guide.

venice41After the tour we boarded our ship, and a few hours later we ran up to the top deck for the departure. The ship had to go back through the main canal through Venice so we got some really great views on our way out to sea!

venice61On our way out the clouds parted and made for an amazing sky!

venice91venice81Coming up next: Debrovnik, Croatia!